'Goosey Gander' on Wooden Panels. (Can Be Personalised)

'Goosey Gander' on Wooden Panels. (Can Be Personalised)


Welcome to 'Goosey Gander' on Wooden Panels.

Goosey Gander is one of my most popular paintings every.

The drawing/painting is a lovely golden colour and looks lovely on the wooden panels.  

The panels are pine, and come from sustainable, PEFC certified, forests.  The panels are a satisfying 28mm thick, and have been whitewashed which softens the natural textures of the wood allowing them to become part of the piece. Depending the picture, the finish will either be a natural, rough look or a smoother, planed surface. I’ve chosen the finish to complement the image, and you can bask in the knowledge that because of the use of wood, no two pictures will be every be exactly the same. 

You can have your panel personalised too with a message from you using up to 60 letters - or thereabouts!  Please note that each panel is personalised ont the reverse and is written in pencil.

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