Free Up Your Wallspace. What to do with old artworks clogging up your hanging space.

Do you still have your children’s drawings from nursery school on your walls? – Are they 99% faded with the frame partly broken but you can’t bear to take them down as he/she just left for university?  I understand, truly I do.    This post is about having the courage to take a fresh look at the art on your walls and ask yourself the question – are they still relevant to me?  It’s absolutely fine to love them but is it necessary for them to still be on your wall - in that broken frame?

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Blog Post 3. Action it.

Working from the heart, voluntary sector, Human to Human, not b2c, b2b h2h.  Working for the betterment of my community, the country.

Eden Project, Jo Cox Day, walking bus - how to use my painting to lift wider spirits and make us feel good about ourselves in these scary times.  Propaganda for us, to remind ourselves that we are golden.  Look after ourselves first then others - gas masks on flights - yours first then others.

A couple of months ago, I attended an evening network event in one of my local towns.  I didn't have any expectation of it but persuaded myself to go along anyway and bang the drum about the art workshops that I was soon going to be delivering.  It was a nice set up, above a local pub and one of those sessions where you get to have a few minutes with everyone.  I met some interesting people, but as much as I went to go and talk about myself and my workshops, I wanted to listen and to take in other peoples stories which I found fascinating.  On sitting next to a website developer I learned that business was no longer B2B (business to business) or B2C (business to customer) but now it was H2H - Human to Human.  

I came away that evening feeling inspired and happy that the division between the super big players and the sole trader was smaller than ever now and we all have much, much more of an equal footing than ever before.