Winter time: a time of making new works and using that precious research.

December it starts, January it happens, February I tidy up.   

There's something about winter for me.  I find it a wonderful time to knuckle down to make new works.  I gather all my sketchbooks about me and spend a little time reminding myself why I've collected the things I did.  New idea's then begin to lift off the page for me, I print out, photocopy, blow things up larger on the printer, pin them up and then wait to see what happens.

This year I'm making some new works based on beautiful Suffolk, my home now of 2.5 years. Suffolk only holds great memories for me now, so this is the time to start making some new works.  I'm planning on painting first, then through to my press.  I have no idea what will come - this is the unnerving bit.

Artists are by nature sensitive and as much as I try to get away from it, I am indeed prone to emotional reactions to things.  This I'm trying to embrace rather than diss and chastise myself for.

An artist produces work that is tender.  Initial thought meets research, then together they translate to the paper, sculpture, canvas, camera or whatever medium we choose to work with. It's frail and if we allow it to be so, beautiful works can emerge.  I'm trying to remember that this is a fluid process and when I find myself beating it for the rent, I place pressure on the process, which of course brings conflict.

2016 is looking to be an exciting year for me.  I have a show booked in at The Serena Hall Gallery, Southwold in August and I'm working towards it.  It's a chance to make some new works and breathe in some beautiful views as I'm drawing and walking them with my family.

My wish for this coming year is that I write more, sharing the process more.  I get asked many times over about my process of working, so here's to my year of communication.  

If you have any questions or would like to hear more about of the aspects of being an artist, I may not always have the answers but will do my best to head you into the right direction of further places to visit. 

Keep in touch, Samantha.

Below are some paintings of Seascapes that I love.  

Massive apologies to the wonderful artist's whose names I have forgotten on the way.  If you google 'paintings of Walberswick' you'll find them or the galleries that I found them in.