The proverbial clearing out of the knicker draw!

I have so enjoyed loading up my new website, it's been wonderful to have a proper spring-clean.  Websites can easily become cluttered and hard to read - we artists have a tendancey to add and not take way, achievements become hidden, new works become old and as lovely is that is to have reflected in your online folio - there is nothing like a good old clear out.

It's great to show all my new works and am I am thoroughly enjoying working with SquareSpace, these websites are easy-peasy to use and it's a relief not to have to design it from scratch.

Am busy making all my bookings for the forthcoming Summer & Winter Shows, am delighted to share with you that I'm going to be selling my works at The Northcote Road Fete this year, Abbeville Road Summer Fair and (fingers crossed) Highgate Village's 'Fair on the Square'.  It just leaves to me now to make lots of gorgeous new works to sell, it's so good for the soul to sell my wares at this community events.  

More soon & Happy Easter of course...scroll down x


Happy Easter Card