Bong!! Headline, Bong!! Headline, Bong!!! Headline...

I was thinking, as I was in dishwater up to my elbows, how useful it would be for the news to be personalised.   Prioritised for me/us specifically.  

Imaging the radio 6 o'clock news bonging out headlines such as  (BONG)   "Hugo got 8 out of 10 in his spelling test today"   (BONG) "The Stickley Family are looking forward to their short city break in Edinburgh"  (BONG) "A loving family member was lost this week due to natural causes, yet the entire family art heartbroken, etc"

It may actually happen one day.   The idea of an hourly (or perhaps daily) round up of news relevant to one's own family sounds fab to me.

Maybe I should record my own?