Painting In The Park.

Live Painting in Dulwich Park, London.  May 2016 as part of Dulwich Festival.

I spent last weekend outside of The Pavillion Cafe in Dulwich Park, painting.  Yes, proper actual painting on my easel, with all my paints about me as well as my children, and those treasured littler ones of my best friend Katie.  Quite frankly it was bliss.

Why Dulwich Park?  Well, in truth it's where my painting all began for me.  Carl & I had our babies in Dulwich and it's where we became a family, a bonkers, too loud, ship-wreck of a family of four. Martha was born in Kings College, Hugo in The Royal Free in Norf London, Martha Sarf London.  

The Pavillion Cafe became our daily destination, in various states of bodily mess, more often than not in tears or screaming and tired beyond belief...the cafe welcomed us in to drink warm coffee, eat chips rearrange the entire cafe to get our buggies jammed in, complete with sleeping babies.

We were welcomed in every time to spend many happy afternoons there sheltering from the rain (I'd forgotten the buggy rain cover) or perhaps avoiding the sunshine as I had forgotten the sun lotion (crap mummy).

So there you have it reader, Dulwich Park  is for us of a time.   Of course I love it and miss it.  

Perfect reason then for a show.

My works are in situ until the end of May and are selling very well too.  I really enjoyed my weekend there painting, I hope you like the fruits of my labours...all of them!

Much love

Sam x