Create Your Own Wheel of Life, the painterly way.

I had a great session in the studio today with one of my lovely clients.  We decided to make a Wheel of Life which made for a lovely session for us both.  

A WOL is a great tool for allowing us to take a rounded look at our life today.  In short it's a circle, divided by 8 (or more) sections.  Each section represents a part of our lives, these might include:

Partner, Social Life, Work, Finances, Sport, Health, Hobbies, etc.

We made two separate wheels, one for our life as it is now, the second and more detailed one to show how we want our life to be in 12 months time.  This second version we embellished and painted ready to keep in view at home, to catch sight of daily, therefore letting our sub-conscience minds do the hard work of getting us there.  

To make your own Wheel of Life with me eitheer in The Art Retreat (my studio) or via skype, email me on or call me on 07891 698 847