Introducing PalletLOVE. Let's start at the beginning...

Sometimes things happen that spark our imaginations and a new seed is sown.  It all began with two sandwich boards I made my lovely husband and his brother to make for me.  We got a couple of pallets and after much banging, sawing and a fair share of swearing, I had to beautiful upcycled sandwich boards made from reclaimed wooden pallets.

My boards did me proud for the Christmas Show and clients showed interest in them too.  I got a couple of orders on them and proceeded to make some more in different shapes and styles.  We tweaked them as went on, improving them until I had a small collection of different designs which were perfect for different events.

So, now it's time for me to paint them up, photograph them and put them up for sale.  I love them all.  I love that they are functional,  beautiful and sustainable.

I'm going to offer to make them and personalise them for weddings, retail and bespoke events. I've chosen the name PalletLOVE  as that's just what it is.  The name 'The Artist's Pallet' was suggested too, which I think is just genius but PalletLOVE is just perfect for me.

More soon but photo's below.  Much love, Sam x