How to find the things that you love doing and turn them into paid work.

How to look for our life purposes and how to turn them into paid work.   Tips to find the things that your are brilliant and could turn into cash.  A three part blog posts to help you refind the things that are natural to you.

Welcome to my three-part blog post about rediscovering the things that you enjoy doing.  

Together we are going to look at them, research them and then put them into action to create income streams.  It's SO easy to lose sight of what we used to enjoy doing not matter what your current job or situation is.  As an artist, I have experienced this many times.   Each time it happens to me I have to take time out (sometimes only 5 mins) to put myself back on track and nudge myself back into things I love doing.  Make work that you love doing and the rest follows. (More of this in Blog Post 3, Actioning)

Throughout my blog posts I'm adding in simple exercises and gentle thinking activities which are yours to take or leave. I have found them to be of enormous help and heartily encourage you to partake in them.  

My three part blog posts are titled  NOTICING, RESEARCHING & ACTIONING and each week we are going to do some work on each of those sections.

I hope you find my posts interesting and I would love for you to comment,  share & send them to those that you love, you will find the buttons at the bottom of the page.  Also, I have some new paintings to show you, a few of which are at the bottom of today's post. 

Much love, Sam x 

 'Mojo' by Samantha Barnes 2015

'Mojo' by Samantha Barnes 2015

Part One, Noticing.

What do you enjoy doing?

This sounds massive doesn't it?  A bit too big to think about even?  It's not I promise, it's a question of breaking our thoughts down into answerable segments and giving ourselves time to think them through. Over the years many people have remarked about how lucky I am to know what I was put on this earth to do (painting and artwork) and up until this point, I've agreed and then been terribly stuck for something to say back.   What I wanted to say sounded trite, because they are right - it is hard to find the things that are unique to each and everyone of us, even when 99 times out of 100 the answers are right under our noses.

The Thing, THE Thing - THE ONLY THING IS.....

My suggestion for finding your thing is not to say thing at all!   It's very likely not to be 'a thing' but several 'things' all of which could do with individually airing, thinking about separately, talking about and giving some precious thought to.   I'd like to invite you to make a simple list, grab the nearest pen and paper to you and write the numbers down as a list 1 to 5.    In no particular order, write out 5 things that you enjoy doing, really love doing or simply just enjoy spending time on.  These activities might be hobbies, paid activities, community activities or anything in between - don't think too much, just list them.

Things I enjoy doing:






Perfect, we have an indication of what we most enjoy, given precious time alone to do so.

This starts the ball rolling in freedom of thought.  When we say to ourselves, what can I do to bring money in, put bread on the table, pay myself a pension, pay the lease on the car, pay for the new school uniforms, yadda yadda, etc, etc BANG!  Any inspiration or slight ping of interest you may have begun to have has GONE -  lost to the mind-numbing reality of daily grinds which are going to halt all processes of free thought.  So I'm going to invite you to allow yourself some time out and then complete your list as freely as you can.

So you can see a list above that contains things this person enjoys doing.  Every single thing on the list has some way to make money from so.  It may seem simplistic and that's because it is -  at the end of Blog Post Number 3 you will feel much more confident about this.   For now though, I realise that the how on earth and the why nots are piling up in your mind - giving you a billion reasons why you can't do them but actually, if your life changed tomorrow, after a period of readjustment, you can turn your hand to pretty much anything you want to.

In Blog Post Number 2, we are going to explore our five chosen activities on your list in further detail.   Each item you have on your list deserves to be given thinking time to explore and play around with.  I'm currently writing a book about creative thought and how we can steer our lives to be more fulfilling and tailored to our own personal enjoyment.   For now though, believe it or not, by simply listing your enjoyments, you have given your subconscious mind plenty of food for thought and that's enough for now - I know, too simple?  It's true.

A Suggestion To Help You To Discover More About The Things You Enjoy.

Find a Notebook

Scribbles are important.  Get yourselves a notebook and write things down in any scrappy way that they come to you.  No biggies need to go in your notebook - merely jot things down as they come to you.  An example of this might be that you enjoyed going to the shops today - when we read that back in the future, we might gather from your note that you enjoyed going to the shops today because you enjoyed being with other people doing similar things, or that you particularly enjoyed the smell of a certain shop?!  Whatever it is that you think - jot it down as it become precious feedback to read later.

This is is about noticing.  Noticing what you enjoy and what feels good for you - by doing this you are beginning tune in in a conscious way what you enjoy doing.  Keep adding to your notebook and together, we will re-find your mojo.

Much love and Thanks Sam.

Thank you Illustration by Samantha Barnes 2013



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