The Eden Project, Community Support Programme - 3 days of workshops, here I come...

Big Lunch Extra's at The Eden Project in beautiful Cornwall is my destination this weekend. I'm excited and little nervous about this amazing opportunity - who knows what might come out of it?

You can read about the Community Support Programme here.

This weekend I get to go to The Eden Project on a funded workshop place that teaches and helps the attendee's to define their community-minded offerings and ideas.  I deem my community to be both online and in person, local and those not so, via the power of the net.  I'm a little nervous as will be going on my todd along with the other 60 people invited from all over the country who are seen to be community movers and shakers.


What am I hoping for?  In truth, I'm hoping that I can relax!  Relax and take in as many workshops as I can attend.  Notepad in hand, I'm going to be scribbling notes of course, but also doing my darnedest to get into the groove of actually being there, in the moment as it were, rather than hammering myself to come up with the answers before I've digested the questions.

The journey to and fro is going to be interesting too.  I can't remember how many years it's been since I've been on a train for 5hrs or more - probably way back when I was studying at Edinburgh College of Art which was a long, long way from Winchester were I grew up.  I digress, apologies. During the journey I intend to drink coffee and look out of the window, read my book, listen to my audio books and play in my sketchbook - bliss.

See you on the other side...

Sam x 

Eden Project Community Workshops is organised by Big Lunch Extra's and funded by The Big Lottery  among others.  

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