Why I LOVE this book by Keri Smith.... 'Wreck This Book!'

This week I have had an epiphany.   For many moons I've collected things that I love, books that inspire me  - other artists work that sing out to me but I've not written about them and sang their praises to you my lovely blog readers - why?  I hear you ask... well, I've not been entirely sure that I could copyright-wise.  

Bonkers I know, but being a creative myself I'm always a bit nervy about such things.  My epiphany came as I was lamenting to a friend about how I wanted to bring my wonderful finds to my clients and website visitors - "why on earth are you not doing that?" asked my friend who happens to be a journalist - supping my latte she told me that of course I'm allowed to shout about all the things I love and inspire me, just as long as I credit the artist and where I gather the material from - bing, on went the green light, and now I have carte blanche to bang on about all the things I love.

So, first up I am going to bring you Keri Smith.  She is an artist, turned bookmaker.  A few years ago she bought out a book that I went mad on purchasing for myself, my children, my Godchildren, in fact most of the children in my life.  It's called 'Wreck This Book' and that exactly what she encourages the book owner to do.

This is not a sponsored post, just a share from me to you.

'Wreck This Book' by Keri Smith  Scroll down to read more...


The deal with this book is to trash it!  Yes, you read me right, trash it with drawings, rippings and more.    Keri invites you to explore her book and the world around you - each page has a new idea, a suggestion of what to do with the page itself.  'Rip This Page', 'Rub This Page With Dirt' and more.     At art school, we learn to use all our senses before we set about making a peice of work.  If we are drawing a vegetable, we are encouraged to smell it, feel it - feel it again with our eyes closed - this book is full of suggestions that make us think in a different way.

Brilliant for children, Brilliant for adults too.  I suggest to treat yourself to one immediately.

Much love, Sam x

Below are some of the activities I've found via the internet of completed exercises - enjoy!

This completed activity I found via Babycciono Blog

& this one via C B Wentworth


This one via Strawtermelon


I could go on and on with examples but now over to you.   Have a google of 'pages of Keri Smith' there are literally hundreds.  Enjoy!