Happy Year Of The Dog People!

Happy Chinese New Year.  

What sort of a few weeks has it been in the studio for Sam Barnes?  Here's a short round-up of comings and goings, new works and old.  Have a lovely week everyone.

As you can imagine, I am chuffed to bits that it's The Year of The Dog, what with me being dog-nuts and all.  I was going to do my blog post all about what The Year of The Dog is going to bring us, but instead I decided that I'd simply add in some links to other posts that can do it so much better than I could.    Have a look here...  

So what's been happening?  It's wonderfully busy over here in Suffolk.  Family commitments and ill children have meant some enforced time at home for me, which means research - wonderful, wonderful research time.

Making meals from scratch, keeping the heating on and snuggling in the centre of family life this January offered me time to do what they call 'WILFING'  this means 'what-was-I-looking-for?' Precious hours were spent googling anything that took my fancy.  Vintage line drawings, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, you name it, I cyber-visited it.  

Armed with sketchbooks much filled, I returned to my studio over the weekends when Carl was home to take over.  I love this scenario now.  I get into my studio at about 7.30am on a Saturday morning complete with nosh and the bits & bobs I need for the day, and emerge in work until about 6 - 7pm with that full feeling of creative satisfaction and tiredness, a magical mixture.

My www.ipaintdogs.com website is doing really well.  I'm getting lots of hits and enquiries and meeting wonderful families that want to have their dogs painted.  I am really enjoying the commissions and learning so much about new breeds, all of which is feeding back into my own personal work when drypoint printmaking.  See my new prints here

To finish my blog entry I am really pleased to be exhibiting this Spring at The Affordable Art Fair with Artichoke Press.  I'm always delighted to have my work at this show and am working hard to make my entries for this year the best they can possibly be.  If you are mooching around South London on the weekend of the 8th March, do go.  You will find my work on Stand L9.

Below are a selection of photographs from the past couple of weeks, I hope you enjoy them.  Don't forget to follow me on insta, Twitter & facebook - all of which are under the title of ipaintdogs.com

Have a great week to come,


 'Mr Pug'  Acrylic Painting on Canvas

'Mr Pug'  Acrylic Painting on Canvas

Drypoint Printmaking
 'Geese'  Drypoint Print 1/12

'Geese'  Drypoint Print 1/12

Timmy www.ipaintdogs.com

'Timmy'  Acrylic Painting on Canvas, Commission at www.ipaintdogs.com