Why We All Love A Boating Pond.

A Day Out At The Boating Pond Anyone?

Boating Pond, A communal playpond is great activity for small children - and big ones! Hours of fun can be had pushing sailboats round and round again, all the fun of the fair - for free!

'The Boating Pond' New Art Print by Samantha Barnes

When my children were little, I found that a family day out to a boating pond was a magic option for filling up day out.  It didn't really matter if was a sunny day or a rainy one - my children were always going to get wet either way.  We live near to a boating pond now which I go past as I'm walking our family dog, Barney.   It's now Barney that ends up going in for a quick swim, much to the annoyance of the senior captains and their model boats - oops.

This is my painting 'The Boating Pond' which I like to think sums up all that I love about them.  I sat and sketched one afternoon, people watching on a bank holiday weekend.   I really enjoyed watching all the children, the families, the couples and the senior citizens meeting their mates at the pond.  Model boating is quite a serious hobby it seems.  It was merry mayhem!

'The Boating Pond' Original Painting

So, my top five things to take with you to the boating pond are... 

  • A boat   (of course you had that one covered!)
  • Spare Clothes
  • Food & loads and loads of water for thirsty runarounds
  • A blanket or an umbrella as needed - same goes for rain macs or suncream
  • More spare clothes for when your spare ones get wet


'The Boating Pond' Original Painting is 60 x 60cm on a 2cm canvas.  It is currently unframed but can be arranged if you would like it so.  Open Edition Art Prints are going to be available soon and will be 35 x 35cm, 50 x 50cm framed.  The Original Painting is for sale at £380 unframed and the prints will be £70 unframed and £99 framed.  P&P will apply too.  To purchase, please follow this link.

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