'Two Cars In One Please' Original Painting

'Two Cars In One Please' Original Painting


Continuing my little ditties, this is ‘Two Cars In One Please’.

This painting stems from us trying to find a suitable family car. We need a biggish one as we are a biggish family, yet also a smaller one for bobbing about town when there is only me + one other in it (normally the dog).

Angst-ing about which to go for (there is only really one choice - a big one) I found myself wishing that someone would design two-cars-in-one, also that it would be affordable and preferably electric. Would be so beneficial to the environment.

If you know someone who can do this, please ask them to get on a design it and we will be the first in line to purchase!

This painting is £75 and painted on board in a slim frame.

It is approx 27 x 20cm

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