'Walking In The Woods Is Good For Me' Original Painting

'Walking In The Woods Is Good For Me' Original Painting


This is ‘Walking In The Woods Is Good For Me

Boosted by my recent show and the amount of work I sold, I’m in the middle of hatching a plan.

I’m creating some new paintings and have set myself a challenge to create works from ideas, ditties that come to mind. Things that are important to me.

Further to this, my sale where works sold for £20, £40 or £100 lead to over 100 sales of work. This made me so happy to think of my work being enjoyed by a myriad of people.

So, with this in mind, from now on, I’m going to offer my paintings at affordable prices. The idea is is that they are accessible to all.

‘Walking In The Woods is Good For Me’ is painted on an upcycled frame.

A good reminder to get ourselves out and into nature as much as we can.

Dimensions to come soon, approx 22cm x 45cm

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