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It’s a challenge to reach as many people as I’d like to to tell them about my Dog Portrait Paintings. I sell them here on my website, via some galleries and online stores, yet nothing beats word of mouth.

I have some lovely leaflets which need to find their way to your local Vet’s, Dog Grooming Parlour, Park Cafe & Doggy Meet Up. Would you be kind enough to let me send you some so that you might dispatch them on your rounds?

Supporting my work like this, really helps. Solo Workers are just that, solo. I don’t have a Marketing Dept, I am where it’s at and there are only so many places I can reach on my own.

Below are my leaflets (sustainable of course) and I would LOVE to send you a few.

What’s in it for you?

Apart from securing your place in heaven and my personal devotion to you forever after, I invite you to choose something from my website with a substantial discount. If a number of commissions come from your leaflet distribution (I do track them) you will have earned yourself a FREE DOG PORTRAIT painting or some cash back if you are an existing client.

I’ve ummed and aah’d about posting this page, but with some encouragement from those better at all things marketing than me, consider yourself well and truly asked to help me. With love, Sam x

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