The Gift of a Dog Portrait Painting. (A Gift Certificate)

The Gift of a Dog Portrait Painting. (A Gift Certificate)

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This is a GIFT CERTIFICATE for a dog portrait painting.

They are 350gsm paper A5 certificates, hand written with the details on and signed on behalf of you.

The Benefits of purchasing a Gift Voucher are…

  • I get to work directly with the owner of the dog I’m painting.

  • They get to choose background colours & tones with me.

  • They can select the photographs they would like me to work from.

  • I may even get to meet the dog, sometimes this can really help when painting them.

  • You purchase & give - not having to make any of the above decisions.

  • You still get to be the best gift-giver ever.

Important facts about Gift Vouchers.

Your Gift Voucher is to be used within ONE YEAR of purchase.

Postage & Packaging is included within the UK.  For oversees shipping, a £30 supplement is applied.

Simply purchase your Gift Certificate here and I will send on your package, I then wait to hear from your recipient and we go from there.

If you have any queries, please email me on

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