What is a Seasonal Sale?

Samantha Barnes is ipaintdogs

Each year I make drawings, paintings & edition prints as part of collections, as samples or just for fun. Clients LOVE to buy these works and I love to sell them. The problem is that I get busy, super-busy with dog portraits and commissions and find myself running around all over the place when I should be concentrating on one thing at time.

So I got thinking, about my best use of time throughout the year.

How would it feel if I sold these works during the Autumn/Winter months only? From September to January? This way I can concentrate on making all my works as lovely as they can be, and cut down on the daily running about.

So that’s where I am.

I’m going to be making work throughout the year, gorgeous ink animal drawings, paintings simply because I love painting them & edition prints, printed in the entire editions (all 12 at once) - Bliss. These works will be made as I go about my weeks in my studio, just as I always have, only sold in the last quarter of the year - perfect.

My shop is going to be open Mid-September until late January. I’ll kick off with ONE HUGE MEGA PRE-CHRISTMAS SALE and even get out to do some Christmas shows too like I used to - these are so good for the soul and a lovely way to connect with old mates too.

But what if you want to buy something NOW?!

No problem, just email me your details and I’ll send you a codeword to get you into my page and you can choose, it’s easy. info@samanthabarnes.co.uk

More details coming soon but for now, it’s back to my drawing board.

Sam x