“Literally totally perfect in every possible way”. Emma Freud, August 2019

These paintings are made of pure joy. They each tell stories of places I’ve been with my family, walks discovered, picnics, dips in the sea and chips eaten on the beach here in Suffolk. When we’ve had a happy day, or perhaps discovered a new place, I rush back to my studio to capture it down on canvas as quickly as I can. 

I paint in acrylic and on deep box canvases. Below are a selection of paintings finished recently. I don’t make prints of these but I am making some greeting cards which I’ll bring you soon

‘Walberswick’ 100 x 100cm  (Sold)

‘Walberswick’ 100 x 100cm (Sold)

‘Bawdsey’ 60 x 50cm  (Sold)

‘Bawdsey’ 60 x 50cm (Sold)

‘Woodbridge Scenes’ 10 x 10cm  (Sold)

‘Woodbridge Scenes’ 10 x 10cm (Sold)

‘Shingle Street’ 40 x 40cm  (Sold)

‘Shingle Street’ 40 x 40cm (Sold)

‘Southwold’ 40 x 60cm.  (Sold)

‘Southwold’ 40 x 60cm. (Sold)

‘Peter’s Ice Cream’ 30 x 30cm  (Sold)

‘Peter’s Ice Cream’ 30 x 30cm (Sold)

‘Shell’ Aldeburgh. 10 x 10cm  (Sold)

‘Shell’ Aldeburgh. 10 x 10cm (Sold)

‘Woodbridge Market’ 20 x 30cm  (Sold)

‘Woodbridge Market’ 20 x 30cm (Sold)

‘‘Sam’s paintings give me the same happy, uplifted feeling that I get when one of my children does something lovely”


‘Wonderful Woodbridge’ 80 x 100cm  (Sold)

‘Wonderful Woodbridge’ 80 x 100cm (Sold)

‘Beach Walk’ 30 x 30cm  (Sold)

‘Beach Walk’ 30 x 30cm (Sold)

‘A Trip To The Park’ 40 x 40cm

‘A Trip To The Park’ 40 x 40cm

Samantha Barnes Artist
Samantha Barnes Artist, Suffolk Magazine