Love your chicken, love Barney, love your
happy style, love Carl, love Hugo, love Martha, love your style makes me happy. Love, Fra♡xxxx
— Fra, April 2017


Time with Samantha is time well spent. Her artistic talents are only surpassed by her ability to connect with people - and unlock from them the innate creativity which lurks there. As an experienced educator, Samantha facilitates workshops at an outstanding level. She will discover what you want from the experience, and then deliver it. My only recommendation? Savour it. The workshop will be over only too soon!

Anna Sundt, Director - Creamer & Sundt

June 2016




Hi Samantha


What a cracking day - thank you so much!  I have been raving about it to those who did not attend!  Wayne, the children and myself had a fab family day and everyone is very impressed with the gecko and snake the children made! 


Looking forward to the next one!




we just had such a great day


Thanks, you gave me confidence that I could draw with ease if I was looking at the subject. You treated each individual as able, and brought out our skills with your enthusiasm, helping us see how to make our pictures interesting and beautiful, love Gillian


Just spend a good 40 minutes absorbed in your beautiful artwork... What an amazing talent you have,  I particularly loved the 'Wedding Guests' and the 'Lovely Mummy Bus', such colour!  Also really charmed by the simplicity of your animal prints and the way you have summed up their characteristics in a few clever lines.  I was totally drawn in, a real pleasure to look through your website, so glad to know about you.


We had such a good day today - my only criticism is that it went WAY too fast.  Mum thoroughly enjoyed herself and was very very happy to be surrounded by family in a relaxed, creative atmosphere.  And no one argued! In fact, everyone seemed really happy and they all said they'd had a lovely day.  I guess you'd have to be dead and buried not to be caught up in your enthusiasm - and wasn't it interesting to see how competitive the men got?!  (And how chuffed they were with their work, despite the outward protestations of crapness.)  And I just love the animals that the children produced - pride of place on the mantelpiece.


Thank you thank you thank you for such a wonderful day - I can't have hoped for it have gone any better.