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Samantha Barnes Artist

This page is all about you and your own creativity. Do you have a Creative Outlet? Taking photographs, walking and collecting gorgeous stones, painting, writing, dancing? I would love to know.

If you find yourself struggling to make a start or you are considering something new, read on.

My nudge for starting this page:

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When I was pregnant with our second child, I had nowhere to work so packed away my paints, brushes and sketchbooks and spent my days running after our toddler - that kept me busy enough. Busy, but unfulfilled. It wasn’t an easy pregnancy and I went to see a Cranial Osteopathist. After some time examining me, the practitioner asked me if I was a Creative? I told him I was, to which he asked if I was practising now, daily? I explained that I had packed all my things away and wasn’t in a place that I could make work.

He told me that my bodily energy was ‘like a fizzy bottle’ Full to the brim, and that I had to continue making my work in order for things to resume normality, my mental state, my finances, my wellness.

I was flummoxed, but I did just as he said, and have never forgotten his words.

Doing our thing, is good for us.

What’s in it for you?

I can’t promise that your life will change instantly if you start a new thing, but I do promise bags of support along the way. Over my career, I have led many workshops and art events, watching the transformation in participants over a single workshop is absolutely my favourite bit.

I’m not teaching so much now as I am busy on painting projects, but I still consider others and wish to help on their creative journeys - waving them from the wings, and it all starts with picking something new.


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‘BLOOM CREATIVELY’ Rediscover Your Artistic Interests and Abilities’

Did your art teacher slate your work in art class at school?

Would you love to be part of an art group, or heading out to the pub for after-show drinks with new friends made at your local drama group?

Are you completely flummoxed when it comes to making a start?

I know how hard this can be. That’s why I’ve written a book, ‘Bloom Creatively’ to entice you into action, and off the sofa.


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