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Are you looking to buy some lovely artwork for yourself or as a gift?  I know it can be a daunting process.  I've made a promise to use my blog more to bring you interesting and informative posts about purchasing artwork from artists directly, supporting those whose work you love and even encouraging you to take up some creativity yourself.  

A once gallery owner myself, I understand the process of making work - from initial thought & sketches, to easel, and finally into someone’s home.  The sparkle dust throughout the various stages is simple – do I love what I’m making?  If not you won't be seeing it here on my website.

I’m an artist that makes paintings, drawings & prints directly from my tummy, not my head.

A practicing artist for over 20 years, I learned my trade at Edinburgh College of Art in the early 90’s and since have worked in various studios in London, Hampshire & now Suffolk with short stints of time in America & New Zealand.

I live in Suffolk with my family and Barney the dog - who really should be better behaved.